DO NOT eat raw dough in any case, and it’s not just because of eggs

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Experts concluded that eating dough in its raw form can provoke a person to have a large number of health problems, writes The Mirror.

This was stated by representatives of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, concentrated in the United States of America.

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According to a specialist, the use of raw dough is extremely common during the New Year holidays. A protein or biscuit product is especially popular.

However, its use can lead to a dangerous disease. We are talking about salmonellosis. There is also a risk of contracting Escherichia coli.

Indeed, in the process of heat treatment of the test, the dangerous microorganisms die.

But in the raw dough, they continue to live and are ready at any time to infect a person with his improper and careless handling of the product.

Microbes fall into raw dough through the grain. The latter may be poorly handled. Sometimes infection occurs while the grain is on the field.

To date, there are examples of outbreaks of E. coli infection. So, two years ago it was provoked by the use of raw flour.

Salmonella can get into the raw dough and through chicken eggs, which are its mandatory component.

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