Why was Captain Li Shang removed from the Mulan? Guilty — #MeToo

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The producer of the Disney movie version “Mulan” Jason Reed gave an interview for Collider and explained why the film would not have an important character from the cartoon.

It’s about the captain of the Chinese army named Li Shang. In the original, he was the boss of Mulan, when she pretended to be a guy, but later found out the truth and started a relationship with her.

And now they decided to abandon him. All because of the #MeToo movement, when tens of thousands of people began to openly talk about sexual harassment online.

“We split Li Shang into two characters. One became Commander Tung (Donnie Yen) who serves as her surrogate father and mentor in the course of the movie. The other is Honghui (Yoson An) who is [Mulan’s] equal in the squad. I think particularly in the time of the #MeToo movement, having a commanding officer that is also the sexual love interest was very uncomfortable and we didn’t think it was appropriate.”

Such an answer did not please all fans of the cartoon. The fact is that many consider Li Shang to be bisexual — the idea is that he had feelings for Mulan even before he knew that she was actually a girl.

The irony is that Disney removes Li Shang because he may seem bisexual, although one of the most successful Chinese shows is an adaptation of the novel where men fall in love, have sex and get married.

The film will be released on March 25, 2020. We’ve shown you the trailer previously.

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