Daniel Craig might not have appeared in the film ‘Knives Out’ because of a new James Bond movie

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In a THR interview, film director Ryan Johnson said that Daniel Craig might not have appeared in his comedic detective because of the filming schedule of No Time to Die, a new James Bond movie. But the role of detective Benoit Blanc was written specifically for him.

In the end, Craig refused to offer to play in the Ryan Johnson film, as he was already loaded with the role of James Bond. But difficulties with filming Agent 007 turned out to be a blessing to Johnson. A change of director and a minor injury to Craig (slipped and injured his leg) are some of the many causes of the troubled production process.

Craig took advantage of this window and agreed to the role of a detective in the future hit of Ryan Johnson. And did not lose. The film was welcomed by viewers and critics. With a budget of $40 million, the picture raised $300 million, so the announcement of the sequel was only a matter of time.

There are no specific details to continue, but Ryan Johnson said that he wants to make it different from the first film, although the spirit and style of the original will be present.

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