This cow took fate in its hoofs and fled to freedom, where she found herself a very unexpected company that protects her from all. Even from the owners

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Each of us sometimes wants to break bad and get involved in some kind of adventure. This feeling of rebelliousness is familiar to animals, which periodically can arrange something of that sort. 

For example, in Poland, a cow managed to escape from the farm and join a herd of wild bison living near Belovezhskaya Pushcha. Cow was not the only fugitive who took advantage of the broken fence, but only one her master could not return home. And all because of the protection, which she acquired.

  1. 1 After escaping from the farm, the animal joined a herd of wild bison living on the edge of Belovezhskaya Pushcha

  2. 2 It seemed to all that the animal will not survive the cold and will return home as soon as it is hungry or frightened of wild animals

  3. 3 However, the new family protects her not only from the wolves, but also from its owners who are trying to bring the fugitive back home

    But this is unlikely to happen, because the animal looks healthy and loves contented wild life.

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