An unusual calendar is gaining popularity on the Internet. It has 13 months in it and you won’t get confused with the dates

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Admit it, you still sometimes forget how many days in which month and count on your knuckles? Yes, it’s not so easy to navigate in our calendar: try to guess what number will be next Friday without looking anywhere!

Therefore, there are those who want to somehow improve the traditional model of calculating days. An unconventional calendar is gaining popularity on Reddit: it has 13 months of 28 days each.

An unusual calendar model is gaining popularity on Reddit

So, what is the logic behind this calendar: 13 months, 28 days in each, the month begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday. New Year’s Day is not a day of the week, in a leap year, there will be 2. Thus, each day is assigned a specific day of the week. This idea is not new, and it was, of course, not invented by the Redditor himself, but by Auguste Comte in 1849, he received the name ‘Comte Calendar’. Everything is the same, only in a leap year an additional day off should appear after the sixth month. But the idea did not take root: it is inconvenient to divide into quarters, a continuous series of weeks breaks, and the superstitious one does not like the number 13.

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