What do you know about beauty? One-legged girl got to the final of “Miss Italy”

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This is Chiara Bordi. In the CIS, her fate is endless lines, survival, and contempt on the part of the society.

She has a prosthetic leg. But abroad, the absence of one leg does not prevent the girl from living a full life. She learns, travels, falls in love and meets friends. In addition, the girl took part in the “Miss Italy-2018”.

Chiara was able to intrigue the judges and get into the final with a bionic prosthesis. Let the critics say that the place went to Chiara because of political correctness, she is beautiful, young, energetic and fully worthy of being the best.

On Tuesday, September 25, there were selections to the final of the beauty contest “Miss Italy”.

Among the contenders, there are many beautiful and charismatic girls, but one of them stands out among others.

Chiara Bordi is stunningly beautiful, even the fact that she has a disability does not belittle it.

Now Chiara is 18. She lost her leg as a result of a car accident when she was only 13.

For 5 years, she already associated with her bionic prosthesis, it allows her to lead an ordinary life, and the girl does not hide her disability.

On the contrary, on her Instagram, there are a lot of photos on which she poses in a swimsuit.

The competition was won by Carlotta Maggiorana, but the attention of the public was exclusively focused on Chiara. The audience divided into two camps–the opponents and the girl’s support group.

The first claim that Chiara got her place solely due to the desire of the organizers of the contest to comply with political correctness. From their words, the girl got to the finals due to the fact that she was “crippled”.

The second note that the girl deserved to participate in the contest because she is beautiful, active and quite popular.

“I’m missing a leg, but you’re missing a heart and brain,” Bordi, from the central Tarquinia province, wrote on her Facebook page after she was accused of being in the competition “just because you’re crippled”.

“I’m not interested in winning, but showing the world that life is still beautiful [even] when reborn after a dramatic event.”

However, Chiara herself does not despair and does not intend to stop at what has been achieved. In her plans–participation in advertising and other media projects.

The status of Chiara on Instagram, “Life lover”, is a good demonstration of the girl’s attitude to the world around her.

To her own wicked, she recommends learning to see in people more iridescent colors and try to get rid of anger and hatred.

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