BuzzFeed has found a new source of earnings. They will sell products for the kitchen at Walmart

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Branded dishes will appear in four thousand stores.

BuzzFeed has found a new source of earnings. They will sell products for the kitchen at Walmart

BuzzFeed will open its own line of kitchen accessories for sale exclusively in the world’s largest trading network Walmart. Among them there are spoons, graters and bowls for mixing. This is reported by Recode.

Dishes from BuzzFeed will cost between $4.4 and $99, it is branded under the popular heading Taste. Kitchen accessories will be available in four thousand Walmart stores and on the online website of the network.

Walmart will share the profit with the publication, the manufacturer of the goods will give them a discount in exchange for promoting the line of dishes on the site. As one of the directors of Walmart Steve Ronchetto noted, the whole three-way deal was working in 2017. According to him, Walmart already had a positive experience in concluding such deals with other publications.

For BuzzFeed, this is not the first time that the company has launched kitchen accessories. In July 2017, the publication released the “smart” Taste One Top plate, which was quickly sold out. After that, the company seriously decided to do this business.

In December 2017, BuzzFeed said that the company will conduct several different businesses to increase profits. The publication hoped for the sale of advertising on Facebook and native advertising, but it was not very popular. In 2017, the company fulfilled its own revenue plan by only 20% and reduced the number of employees. After that, CEO Jonah Peretti announced that BuzzFeed will look for sources of earnings in addition to native advertising.

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