How was the most reckless festival on the planet—Burning Man 2018

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Every year in the desert of Nevada one of the most crazy festivals on the planet is held—Burning Man. Thousands of people erect a temporary city, where they live for several days. The main principles of the festival are mutual assistance, environmental friendliness and refusal of money, but, most importantly, an incredibly creative atmosphere reigns here. has collected the best pictures from the just-concluded festival and offers to plunge into the atmosphere of freedom and drive. Who knows, maybe these photographs will inspire you one day to see this action with your own eyes.

This year, the theme of the festival—”I, robot”—a reference to the works of science fiction writer Isaac Asimov. One of the most impressive installations was the work of designers from Denmark—a 25-meter inflatable sphere called ORB. “This is a mirror for everyone who loves the Earth, reflecting daylight, the evolution of life and other works of art. Under it is a new planet. This is a landmark for travelers and a huge disco ball,”says Bjarke Ingels about his creation.

Artists from all over the world have created exhibits on a given topic and brought their works to the festival, you can learn more about them here.


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Weather conditions in the desert are not easy: heat, wind and fine white sand, penetrating absolutely everywhere. Protecting the eyes is the main task of all guests of the festival. In the course are masks, glasses, handkerchiefs and even plastic balls on the head. Suits for Burning Man–another way of self-expression. And do not forget about the photo for Instagram, of course!

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Plantoid Garden: A Blockchain-based Life-form, Featuring the Photo-synthesizer by: Primavera De Filippi & Okhaos Creations from: Paris, France year: 2018 A Plantoid is the plant equivalent of an android: a robot or synthetic organism designed to look, act and grow like a plant. Its Body is an interactive mechanical sculpture activated by environmental factors and human attention. Its Soul is a blockchain-based software governing its reproduction. Wandering through the playa, you may stumble on the Plantoid Garden, in the middle of which are three giant 10 to 20 foot tall mechanical plants made of welded scrap metal, with a strong but elegant steampunk flavor. Their stems are made of large, industrial chain; their leaves are made of photovoltaic panels and their flowers of forged metal. Half plant, half-android, they come to life when triggered with sunlight, wind and human attention. URL: Contact: —————————————————- —————————————————- —————————————————- #juanpzapata #jpzimage @jpzimage @juanpzapata #BurningManTales @BurningManTales —————————————————- #BlackRockCity #BM18 #BRC2018 #BurningMan2018 —————————————————- #artonplaya #all_colorshots #ig_excellence #weekly_feature  #ig_captures #sunset #igworldquest 
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It was a very dusty and fun week in the desert. 🌵 #burningman #dance

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When Burning Man comes to an end, the participants exchange things and gifts, and everything that is not needed is burned right here in the desert, along with some installations and a scarecrow that gave the festival a name. A few days after the event, nothing reminds of the holiday that shook this place. But a year later Burning Man will return again to rekindle the fire and spirit of freedom in the hearts of people.

the Temple burn #BuildingBRC #BurningMan2018

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