American sues Burger King over cooking regular and vegetable meat on the same grill

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Because of this, vegetable meat is covered with meat products of animal origin.

Vegan Phillip Williams sued Burger King for frying vegetable and regular meat on the same grill. According to CNBC, the buyer was outraged that the artificial meat he had bought was coated with animal products.

In a lawsuit, Williams said he bought the Impossible Whopper at a fast food restaurant in Atlanta that cooks burgers with vegetable meat. He noted that he would never have acquired a sandwich if he knew that it was covered with meat products of animal origin. The plaintiff demanded that compensation be paid to all buyers of the Impossible Whopper in the United States and publicly acknowledge that vegetable and regular meat are cooked on the same grill.

On the website of the Burger King restaurant, Impossible Whopper is described as a 100% without the use of beef. In addition, the owners indicated that the restaurant offers a method of cooking without roasting meat. Williams’s lawyer did not comment on the product description or preparation methods.

Impossible Foods Inc, which helped create Impossible Whopper, said it has developed a product for those who want to consume less animal protein, not vegans and vegetarians. In addition, the company also emphasized that in each restaurant you can order the preparation of meat without roasting it.

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