‘Blacklist’ of photographers and stylists accused of harassment was published online

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It lists the names of 290 people whom models should avoid in order to stay safe.

'Blacklist' of photographers and stylists accused of harassment was published online

The ex-model, which anonymously leads the @shitmodelmgmt Instagram-account with over 140 thousand subscribers, published a ‘blacklist’ of fashion industry workers suspected of sexual harassment. All in all, almost 300 people are mentioned, among whom there are photographers, stylists and representatives of fashion brands, writes The Cut.

According to the author of the list, she made it for several months — since she herself appealed to her subscribers and asked them to share stories about the harassment that they faced. Many girls responded to the request and began to send letters, where they told about the experience they had experienced: from importunate harassment to rape.

Although many supported the appearance of such a list, there were those who didn’t like this idea. In the opinion of critics, the information in it is unverified — it’s based solely on the words of models, which means it can damage the reputation of people who are in fact not at fault.

The author of the list wrote that she partially agrees with such comments, but she doesn’t intend to delete the selection of names. According to her, the list is not a direct charge to someone’s address — it’s just a warning about people, working with which models should be careful. Some names on the list are marked with an asterisk: this means that at least three girls accused this person of sexual harassment.

“I have extremely good intentions, I have no goal to slander someone,” says the author of the list. “If a photographer writes to me and convinces me that his name should not be on this list, I will remove it from there.” I will do my best to make this list publicly available for as long as possible. It is necessary for safety. I believe these girls.”

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