In Belgium, the twins escaped punishment for a crime — they could not be distinguished

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The most humane justice … in Belgium!

In the Belgian city of Leuven, the court acquitted two twin brothers in the case of a fight in the store, because it could not distinguish them, writes Fox News.

28-year-old Ibrahim and Murat were prosecuted for attacking a man in October 2015.


Then one of them hit a passerby because he laughed when one of the brothers fell off the bike. The second brother at this time tried to hold his twin, grabbing him by the back.

The police received video surveillance footage, but the brothers looked so much like that neither the police nor the victim could figure out who was at fault.

Despite the fact that both brothers were called in for questioning, only one came, claiming that he first tried to stop the brother who attacked the man, but then he struck himself.

Although his testimony was not confirmed by camera records, the police could not distinguish the brothers in the video, and the footage was not used in court. Witnesses gave evidence in the case, but did not provide additional clarity.

“It’s obvious that one of them actively tried to hold the other back. So he can’t be judged as either perpetrator or accomplice,” the judge said.

After reviewing the case, the court ruled that there was not enough evidence to convict both twins. Both twins were previously convicted.

In 2011, one of them received a suspended sentence of imprisonment for theft with violence, and his brother was acquitted due to controversial evidence.

What do you think about this whole situation?

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