Bees were officially declared the most important creatures on Earth

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Insects usually cause in people not the most pleasant feelings. Suffice it to recall the spiders or centipedes! But Mother Nature also gave us amazing insects. For example, ladybugs or butterflies. And of course bees.

In fact, many of us are unaware of the importance of bees in the ecosystem.

What do scientists say about this?

They consider bees to be the most important creature on the planet. Entomologist Dr. McGavin claims that humanity will be at stake if the population of these insects decreases. And this, unfortunately, is real.

Across the world, the number of bees is decreasing. Some of their species are on the list of endangered animals.

But why are they so important?

The critical symbiosis between insects, especially bees, and flowering plants has created a rich diversity of life on Earth. There are about 20,000 species of bees (not only honey).

They are necessary for our survival. After all, without bees, we would have to radically change our eating habits. There would be no flowers, fruits, vegetables.

About 60-90% of our food needs help from pollinators such as bees. These include various fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts, most of which we consume daily.

In addition, as the number of bees decreases, Earth’s biodiversity also decreases.

Let us explain with an example. Almonds depend on pollination. It, in turn, is used as feed for cattle and chickens. The absence of bees leads to the absence of almonds, and this leads to the absence of cattle or chicken. That is, people will have less meat, milk and other products.

And this is not to mention that there are various beekeeping products: honey, nectar, wax and bee bread.

Many activist groups are calling for reform in the hope of stopping the rapid decline in bees.

Why are there fewer bees?

Their livelihoods are affected by insecticides (drugs to kill insects), climate change and the lack of flora. But we can make a difference. For example, stop using pesticides and buy natural products.

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