Ash from ‘Pokemon’ became the champion of the Pokemon League — for the first time in the 22-year history of the animated series

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The main character of the anime more than 1000 episodes went to the goal set in the first series — now he is given honors in social networks.

On September 15, the 139th episode of the anime ‘Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon’ was released. In it, the main character of the animated series Ash Ketchum finally received the title of Pokemon Master — he became the champion of the Pokemon League in the Alola region. The character went to his first victory in the tournament since 1997 — he took the path of 1080 episodes.

A 10-year-old trainer (his age did not change throughout the series) for 22 years participated in several leagues, but constantly lost. In 2019, he still defeated the Gladion coach in the final and became the champion.

Ash and Pikachu — the characters of the animated series “Pokemon” that have not changed for years. A generation of people has already grown who began to follow the adventures of a young coach in childhood. And someone continued to follow him in the modern seasons of the anime. Therefore, the long-awaited victory of Ash, who talked about the dream of becoming a League champion in the very first episodes, caused a resonance in social networks.

Ash’s victory was reported by sports media such as ESPN and the Bleacher Report.

Ash was congratulated by the Vegas Golden Knights NHL team.

Ash was also honored by one of the creators of the Pokémon franchise, Junichi Masuda and Veronica Taylor — she voiced the character in the American version for the first eight seasons.

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