In Pakistan, politicians have organized a discussion about feminism — but without women

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The participants of the event were criticized on social networks, believing that they use feminism to promote their own interests. After this, the meeting had to be renamed and women were invited to it.

Photo Arif Ali / AFP

The Arts Council of Pakistan announced that it is planning to hold a discussion on November 22 called “Feminism; The Other Perspective.” Its participants had to share their thoughts on feminism. However, only men were invited to the event. The only woman who was supposed to take part in the discussion was the host Uzma al-Karim — her name was listed at the bottom of the booklet, after the list of speakers. It is reported by the BBC.

Uzma al-Karim herself told the publication that the purpose of the discussion was to give authoritative men the opportunity to discuss their vision of feminism, because they can influence public opinion. “That’s why we called the discussion “The Other Perspective,” she explained. After criticizing the Internet for the event, they decided to invite the feminist Makhtab Rashdi and the journalist Katrina Hossein, and the discussion was renamed “Understanding Feminism”.

One of the participants in the discussion, human rights activist Jibran Nasir, noted that the original title of the discussion could be misleading. “I’ve requested the organizers to change it. I was informed the panel is about men talking to other men about rethinking masculinity and why as men we need feminism. It wasn’t to explain feminism or talk about women issues as men,” he said.

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