Appreciate ‘small’ moments, because one day they will become memories

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You need to live here and now!

My friend opened his wife’s chest of drawers and took out a bag wrapped in silk paper. It was not just a bag, but a bag of linen. He threw away the bag and looked at silk and lace.

“This I bought her when we were for the first time in New York. That was 8 or 9 years ago. She never wore it. She wanted to keep it for a special occasion. And now, I think, that moment has come.”

He went to the bed and laid the laundry to other things taken from the funeral home. His wife is dead.

When he turned to me, he said: “Save nothing for the special; every day you live is a special occasion.”

I am still thinking about these words … they changed my life.

Today I read more and less orderly. I sit on the veranda and enjoy the view, ignoring the weed in the garden. I spend more time with my family and friends, and less at work.

I realized that life is a collection of experiences that is worth appreciating … And now I don’t save anything else: I use my crystal glasses every day. If necessary, I put on my new jacket to go to the supermarket.

I also use my favorite perfumes whenever I want, instead of applying them only on holidays. Suggestions, for example: “Once” or “One day” are expelled from my dictionary.

If it’s worth it, I want to see, hear and do things now and here.

I’m not quite sure what my friend’s wife would do if she knew that she would not be tomorrow (tomorrow, often so easily perceived). I think she would call family and close friends.

Maybe she would have called a couple of old friends to make up or apologize for the old quarrels. I really like the idea that she would go to a Chinese restaurant (her favorite cuisine).

These are petty imperfect matters that would interfere with me if I knew that my days were numbered. I would be annoyed if I did not see friends with whom I had to contact one of these days.

It would be annoying if I did not write the letter I wanted to write one of these days. It was annoying if I didn’t tell my relatives as often as I love them very much.

Now I do not miss, do not postpone, do not preserve anything that could bring joy and a smile into our lives. I tell myself that every day, like every minute, is something special.

Do you agree that you need to live now and not put off things for later?

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