Apple launched Apple Music for Business — companies can legally play music in public places

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This will probably be most useful this service will be for shops and restaurants.

Apple has launched a subscription to Apple Music for Business. Public institutions and shops will be able to legally use music and will receive exclusive opportunities in the service. This was reported by The Wall Street Journal.

To develop a business subscription, Apple has partnered with PlayNetwork, a company that provides music for commercial use. According to the publication, Apple Music for Business is secretly tested in 25 companies for six months.

Apple expects to launch a business subscription in 10 thousand commercial outlets, including in its branded stores. At the same time, institutions will be able to make money on Apple Music by installing advertising banners with QR codes. Apple will transfer money for each trial subscription issued through a referral link.

Judging by the site Apple Music for Business, participating institutions will have exclusive opportunities in the service. They will receive a personal page on which they can post collections and playlists that they want to share with customers. In addition, institutions will be able to create a public schedule that users will see.

According to WSJ, Apple Music for Business will make it possible to earn and expand the subscriber base not only for Apple, but also for musicians with labels. According to analysts, per year artists receive less than $2.6 billion due to the use of the consumer version of streaming services instead of the commercial one.

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