Apple deleted the app that allowed to track Hong Kong police movement

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The company also removed the Quartz news app from the Chinese version of the App Store, which featured protests.

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Apple removed an app from the App Store that monitors police movements in Hong Kong after Chinese media accused the company of helping protesters. It is reported by Reuters.

The company said the HKmap application violates the rules because “criminals use it to ambush police and harass residents in areas where there are no law enforcement agencies.”

Apple also emphasized that “many concerned users in Hong Kong” themselves reported the application. Then the company studied how to use HKmap, and came to the conclusion that “it endangers the police and residents of Hong Kong.”

The company also removed the Quartz news app from the Chinese version of the App Store after authorities complained about it, reports The Verge.

Quartz told the publication that their application was removed due to coverage of protests in Hong Kong. Apple sent them a notice that the application contained “illegal content in China.” The company also said their site was blocked in mainland China.

On October 7, Apple removed Taiwan flag emoji from iOS 13 for users from Hong Kong and Macau at the request of the Chinese authorities.

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