The American spent three months in prison because the police took cotton candy in her car for methamphetamine

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Now she is suing the police department, whose officers made a mistake.

Georgia resident Dasha Fincher (Georgia) was detained for three months under arrest because the police found a bag of blue cotton candy in her car. Employees mistaken it for meth.

Fincher was arrested at the end of 2016. Initially, the police stopped her car because of the tinted glass. The woman was sitting in the passenger seat with a packet of cotton candy in her hands, which interested the officers. Fincher and the driver tried to explain that these were not drugs, but the police still checked it with the help of an exit kit.

Under the influence of external factors, cotton candy can crystallize. A bag of cotton candy Fincher apparently crystallized, turning the contents into something that, according to the police, turned out to be similar to methamphetamine. According to the report of the officers, the test showed the presence of the drug in the package.

Fincher was accused of drug trafficking and placed under arrest. The judge offered the woman to pay a million dollars as collateral, but she did not have such a large amount. She spent three months in prison – all this time a bag of cotton candy was re-checked in the laboratory.

In March 2017, the police found out that Fincher had no drugs–only expired cotton candy. After that, the charges against her were dropped, and in April she was released. In November 2018, a woman announced that she was suing the police department for illegal detention.

According to Dasha, while she was imprisoned, several things happened in her life: for example, her son had twins, and her daughter had a miscarriage. All this time she could not be near her children. The lawsuit also concerned drug test makers and specific officers who conducted it.

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