The bride wanted to recreate a photo with champagne she saw on Pinterest, but the groom went too far and turned the romantic photoshoot into a comedy

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What looks beautiful on the Internet does not always work out the same in real life — Alyssa Snodsmith and Collin Hewett wanted to repeat a photo of one couple, but something went wrong.

Alyssa and Collin have been dating for three and a half years, and this August the guy made an offer to his lady of heart. The girl agreed, and the couple planned a wedding in August 2020. They decided that along with invitations, guests should send cute pictures from their joint photoshoot. And the photos they got were really unforgettable — just not in that sense.

Colleen and Alyssa decided to arrange a photo session in honor of their engagement

For this, the couple hired a photographer, their friend, who suggested they look for ideas for pictures. Alyssa found one — on it the guy pours champagne into the girl’s mouth. According to Alyssa, this photo was great for them, because they also like to have fun.

Alyssa wanted to repeat the photo with champagne, but something went wrong

The couple decided to repeat the picture in which the guy pours champagne into the girl’s mouth

But to repeat such a trick, it took skill, which the groom didn’t have

Collin spared no champagne for his bride

And from the heart poured it right into her mouth

As a result, the photos were not quite romantic

As the couple told Buzzfeed, there were two attempts at pouring champagne into the bride’s mouth — during the first, everything went fine, only the photographer did not catch the desired angle and everything had to be repeated again. And here Collin with a bottle of champagne could not find the right angle.

As a result, the couple got off only with wet clothes

Fortunately, the prudent Alyssa took the second set of clothes with her and then changed to continue the photoshoot.

The rest of the photos turned out to be much more standard

Commentators not only giggled at this photoshoot, but also shared their

Despite the wet failure, the photos of Collin and Alyssa turned out to be very charismatic — at the wedding invitations, they have the right place!

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