9 signs that you are a victim of a psychopathic manipulator

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This is a foul play.

Someone may decide that it is not so scary, but in fact emotional manipulation is very serious. When a loved one manipulates you, he abuses your trust and patience.

Emotional manipulators can in every sense destroy your life. Therefore, it is very important to be able to recognize them.

Here’s how to understand that your partner is manipulating you:

1. Your emotions are not counted.

When you are angry or upset, your partner does not attach any importance to this. It seems that he does not care about your feelings – he exposes everything as if you exaggerate. This is a very disturbing sign.

2. If you do not give up, he ignores you.

If you disagree with a partner or express your discontent, he simply stops talking to you. In the end, you have to surrender to appease him. The longer he is silent, the worse you feel.

3. He always does everything to make you feel guilty.

When a partner has done something for you, and you refuse to do something for him, he begins to inspire you with a sense of guilt. Everything he does for you is used as a pressure tool. You have no right to refuse him – and this is enough reason to leave him.

4. He always says one thing and does another.

With toxic personalities, things always differ with words. The closer you are, the more noticeable it is. He can tell tales about himself as much as he wants, but if this is not supported by deeds, then what’s the point?

5. He constantly rests on your weaknesses.

He often gives you the opportunity to speak first, then finds fault with your weak arguments. In the end, you always feel wrong. Remember: you are not a toy, and your weaknesses do not give him the right to behave this way.

6. He quickly loses his temper and does not give you the opportunity to explain.

Emotional manipulator always breaks down as soon as something goes wrong. Thus, it instantly changes the atmosphere: instead of solving a problem, you have to calm it down. This is a typical diversion.

7. He constantly lies to you on small things.

The partner should not deceive you. If he hides something from you or keeps back on even small things, then this is a very bad sign. There is no reason to lie and play up when you can tell the truth.

8. He always makes himself a victim.

Should you give a hint about the behavior of the partner, as he turns everything upside down. He immediately pretends to be a victim and demands sympathy for himself. So he hopes to distract you from what did not suit you initially.

9. You give him a chance again and again, but nothing changes.

If you repeatedly make concessions, but the partner behaves in the same way, then you are trying in vain. You deserve a partner who will invest time and effort in the relationship. Is it worth wasting energy on the manipulator?

Have you encountered manipulators?

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