According to Buddhism, there are seven things that no one can say

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Find out what to keep quiet about!

The sacred rules of Buddhism:

1. Do not repeat what you heard

Gossip is considered a negative thing. If you heard anything, leave it with you. Do not carry negative energy.

2. Do not share your spiritual achievements

This high wisdom, spiritual harmony, and energy belongs only to you. The only time you can share this with someone is when a person really needs a spiritual mentor.

3. Do not talk about your shortcomings

There is no need to complain about your shortcomings and humiliate yourself. Thus, you will only show weakness, low self-esteem and reduce your spiritual strength.

4. Do not talk about your relationship

About any relationship — friendship, love or work. Otherwise, they will weaken over time.

5. Do not talk about future plans

There is no need to envy others. This feeling has a strong energy that can affect the final result. In order not to spoil your plans, do not tell anyone about them.

6. Do not brag about achievements

Do not be a selfish person, do not focus on your own successes, do not enjoy and do not humiliate others amid personal victories.

7. Do not brag about your good deeds

Understanding that you have succeeded is good for your soul. But no need to shout about it to the whole world. One day all good deeds will be rewarded. In the meantime, your reward should be the satisfaction that you were able to help someone.

It is believed that compliance with these rules will increase your positive energy.

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