The Greek island will pay you 600 euros a month if you are ready to live here

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An offer for the modern Robinsons.

This island is called Antikythera, writes Marcianos. This pearl of the Ionian Islands is a rocky, wildland with pristine nature. It is an ideal place to ‘turn off’ and feel out of the world.

The island has only one quiet and charming village of Potamos, consisting of white houses and a number of alleys, with a couple of taverns and a handful of shops.

According to the latest entries in Wikipedia, there are only 40 residents left on the island, and the authorities have no choice but to offer about 600 euros a month for the first three years to those who want to move there forever. In addition to compensation, they offer a plot of land for construction or business.

The fee is not set by the government or town hall, but by the local Orthodox Church, which seeks young families to settle in the area.

At the best of times, the island had several hundred inhabitants, but in recent decades these figures have gradually declined due to a lack of jobs. The idea is that newcomers will be able to use the land they have been given for their own purposes, either to build a home or to set up a business.

The island has electricity and internet connection, but no banks and only one commercial institution.

Would you agree to move to such a wild island?

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