6 things that we consider love, but in fact, these are huge red flags

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Take off your pink glasses!

In the early stages of love, we see everything through the pink glasses. But already at this stage, there are warning signs of danger. We are often deeply in love and simply cannot pay attention to them, we justify our partner.

So, here are six things that may look like love, but in reality are very dangerous.

1. A partner wants to always know where you are.

You can share plans with each other. But when your partner installs special programs on your phone, to know the location is a dangerous signal.

2. Regular calls.

Obviously, any relationship requires communication. But if your partner is constantly writing to you or is ringing and is nervous, if you did not pick up the telephone on the first beep, be careful.

3. Pressure on you and unpleasant conversations.

Everyone has limits on what we want to share. But when someone insists and almost makes another share unwanted details — this is the way to emotional abuse.

4. He does not introduce you to his friends.

This is a bad signal. It feels like he is hiding something, just keeps you in complete isolation.

5. Surveillance of social networks.

He may require passwords, read your correspondence in secret, and then chastise you for them — all this is toxic behavior.

6. Second chance.

At some point, the “victim” will notice toxic traits and behavior. And then the partner will beg for a second chance from you. Do not be stupid, do not give it another try.

What are you paying attention to in a relationship?

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