40 lifehacks for summer trips for all occasions!

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It would seem that with the current exchange rate and the unfavorable economic situation, funny and full of impressions of the journey are in the past. But not here!

Table of contents: Airplanes, Safety & Security, Leisure, Transportation, Accommodation, Anything else

In anticipation of the holiday season, the editorial staff of Zello.one has prepared for you 40 priceless road lifehacks, which will make you the boss of the vacation and in this case, save a lot of time and nerves.

How to travel with pleasure


1. Always use incognito mode when booking a hotel or flight online. Websites track your visits and can easily raise the price the next time you make a booking, simply because you have already bought through it.

2. Never drink coffee before the flight and during it. Coffee will increase heartbeat and increase the sense of panic.

3. The number of drinks that can be ordered on board is not limited if it is not a low-cost airline. You can ask for two glasses of juice, and then take another for dessert.

4. A roll of cling film will cost much less than baggage wrapping services directly at the airport.

Safety & Security

5. Download scans or high-quality photos of all your documents to Google Drive. In the event of the sudden loss of an important document, you can quickly restore at least a copy of it at any Internet cafe.

6. Bring a few bank cards with you. If you forget one or more of your cards, you can easily transfer funds and block them, and continue your journey.

7. Take out an annual insurance policy, which will cover the duration of your stay abroad. Now you will always be protected.

8. Duplicate the important contacts in the phone with Latin script. If something bad happens, doctors or police can always contact your family.

9. When renting a car, motorcycle or any other means of transport, take photos of all scratches and flaws on it before going. This will save you the trouble of making a claim.

10. Bring an external battery with you. This way you can stay in touch, even if you don’t have electricity for a few days.


11. Almost all the museums of the world have days of free visits. Add them to your calendar of events a few days before your trip.

12. Singapore and Istanbul offer free guided tours. Ideal for those who travel in transit!

13. Use food & restaurant review apps. They will give you an idea of the size and appearance of your meal before ordering.

14. Wake up at dawn in the new location. This way you can see the local sights without the huge crowds of tourists.

15. Tickets for attractions, fairs, excursions, and exhibitions can be booked online. Typically, online bookings are subject to a 10% discount. And you can also get to a good promotional offer.

16. Make a route through the city so you don’t waste time making decisions. Consecutive sightseeing is the most productive solution for a cultural trip.


17. Buy tickets for night flights. This way you save a lot on housing.

18. Get from the airport to the city by bus, not by taxi. Prices for these modes of transport differ by an order of magnitude.

19. Maps.me are the best offline cards.

20. Free guides and maps are available at special counters in many hotels. The higher the hotel class, the more likely they are to be found.

21. Subscribe to mailing lists from major airlines to find out about hot sales and save money for real. That’s how you can get the notorious $1 ticket.

22. The MetrO application monitors all the subways in the world.


23. If there is no money at all, arrange to stay at the hostel in exchange for help with cleaning, washing dishes or other assistance.

24. The rating of the cheapest cities in Europe is headed by Bucharest and Kyiv. Next come Belgrade, Budapest, Istanbul and Riga.

25. Loyalty programs of various chain hotels provide pleasant bonuses in the form of free nights and upgrades to luxury rooms.

26. The further from the sea the line, the cheaper the accommodation will be. Take a walk in search of rooms that are rented out by the private sector. The “Room for rent” sign guarantees the price is 4 times lower than the hotel price.

27. If you are going to a warm country as a savage, do not bring a tent. A modern hammock and hanging awning weigh much less and your back will not hurt in the morning.

28. Always choose a room for 6 people in the hostel. There is a high probability that everyone will decide to save money, and you will find yourself in a room alone.

Anything else

29. Buy an inflatable pillow for your neck. It takes up little space, and during long journeys will provide the necessary comfort.

30. Don’t take any battery-powered equipment with you — you don’t need extra weight. Take the equipment that is being recharged with USB.

31. In American and Thai supermarkets 2 hours before closing the sale of perishable products begins. Enjoy delicacies at half price.

32. Take part in all the raffles of travel. One of our editors has already won 3 trips.

On any journey, wherever you go, pay special attention to safety. Watch where you go, with whom you go and what you put in your mouth. Don’t let the street vendors persuade you and always have enough cash on hand. Travel wisely — it’s the only way to get the most out of it, and the experience will be pleasant.

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