4 tips in case you ever get lost in the forest

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The most important thing — do not panic!

You can get lost in the forest at all times. And it can occur in a forest that is familiar to you as well as in a location that is totally unfamiliar. This is the situation’s entire risk and unpredictability.

The main thing for you at this moment — do not panic, senselessly worn around the forest in circles. Here are some tips that will tell you what to do if you get lost in the forest.

1. Stay where you are.

If you were surrounded by a dark forest from all sides, it is best not to move away from the place where you realized that you were lost. The simplest solution to this problem is to start screaming and calling people. Better to whistle.

If you know exactly what will be looking for you — stay in place, make a fire — by the smoke it is easy to find a person.

2. If you are looking for a road yourself …

… try not to dodge, be guided by the sun. Well, if you managed to get on the power line, railway, gas pipeline, river — moving along these objects, you always go out to the people, even if not where you expected.

If possible, climb a tall tree and look around. What distinguishes the area where you are (rivers, glades, mountains, villages, etc.)? Maybe from a height you will see them.

3. If you found a path in the forest …

… determine first whether it is an animal path or not. If the branches now and then beat you in the face and chest, it means that the path is trodden by animals. Immediately get off it, meeting with forest dwellers is still dangerous.

Be sure to leave on the road “notches”: a broken branch, an arrow lined with stones, a piece of fabric tied to a bush can serve you and those who want to help you.

4. If, however, the night caught you in the forest …

… pick up a suitable place to sleep. It is not recommended to move in the dark, you can get injured by stumbling or falling into the water. A place to sleep is chosen high and dry, preferably by a large tree.

Prepare firewood for the fire, make a litter of spruce branches. It is best to sit back to the tree, in front of a kindle fire and maintain it all night.

Have you ever got lost in the forest? Be sure to remember the advice of experts! They may come in handy.

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