15 ideal places for women to travel alone

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The trend of independent travel is growing every day.

Solo travel has its pros and cons, writes Condé Nast Traveler. The advantage is the ability to do everything according to your own plan, and the minus is the complexity of communication and security problems. Nevertheless, solo travels are gaining popularity and the secret of their success in choosing the right country.

The British tour agency Ampersand has compiled a list of the 15 best countries (ascending), in which women can safely go alone.

1. Mexico


Mexico has enough diversity in culture, landscape and even seasons to satisfy all types of solo travelers — from adventurous types eager to wander to those who just want to lie on the beach for a couple of weeks. Bright colors, fantastic food, and the Caribbean coast also make it an ideal place for Instagrammers who tagged this country no less than 45,451,910 times.

2. New Zealand


New Zealand is the capital of the world of adventure, so it is not surprising that the country is considered one of the best destinations for single travelers seeking a thrill. Do you want to walk along the volcano? Go to White Island. Crazy enough to jump with a parachute and ride a jet boat on the same day? You can do it on the South Island.

The country also has a long track record when it comes to women’s rights, including thanks to a woman, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

3. Thailand


Thailand ranked first in adventure and scenery thanks to its floating markets, unsurpassed beaches, and Khao Sok and Khao Yai National Parks. In addition, the whole country is prepared for young travelers going on their first big trips.

You can buy the best street food in your life in Bangkok for as little as $1 a plate or rent a motorbike for $10 a day in Sa Pa and get an adrenaline rush as you move through the rice fields, and at the same time, your safety will be at its best.

4. Germany


Using a highly efficient rail network, you can easily navigate between central cities and most places between them. (So ​​much so that you could have breakfast in Munich and dine in Berlin on the same day.)

There are many year-round events that can keep you busy and give you the opportunity to meet new people if you want to: take at least open-air music festivals in the summer or famous Christmas markets during the colder months. It is also very important that Germany is incredibly safe, and if you get lost, do not be afraid: most Germans understand basic English.

5. Switzerland


Switzerland ranked 11th on the list due to its rich landscapes and year-round adventure industry — skiing, hiking, climbing — and also an incredibly safe option for women who want to explore the country alone. And the last argument — wine competes on equal terms with French and Italian.

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