15 actors who could play in the ‘Avengers’, but the Infinity Stone decided otherwise

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The Avengers swept through cinemas all over the world in a whirlwind, gathered excellent (and even record) box office and now can afford to go on the holiday — prepare for new challenges. We can also take a breath and calmly analyze everything connected with this grand series of films.

Today we will go to the very origins and remember who could take the role of the main characters of the “Avengers” to dream up what the whole epic team would look like in this case.

After all, there were a lot of unexpected options: Nicolas Cage as Tony Stark, David Duchovny as Hulk, and so on. Marvel has created a huge film network — they have been to a lot of castings so there could be a lot of possibilities.

1. Liam Hemsworth — Thor

As a result, the God of Thunder was played by his elder brother Chris, who admitted that he received the role, following the advice of Liam. By the way, Tom Hiddleston, who later played Loki, also wanted to claim the role of Thor.

2. Nicolas Cage — Iron Man

Unexpected, right? But in the end, the most leading role in all the “Avengers” was played by Robert Downey Jr.

3. David Duchovny — The Hulk

Imagine Agent Hulk! If they were filming Avengers in the 90s, Duchovny would definitely get this role.

4. Emily Blunt — Black Widow

The proposal to play Natasha Romanoff was received by Emily, as she herself admitted, at the wrong time. She later expressed a desire to play Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel), but Bree Larsson had already given this role.

5. Jim Carrey — Loki

The main fun-person of Hollywood in the role of Loki, and Loki himself in the role of Thor — this could be a comedy.

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