13 wild facts about life in Switzerland that are not in guidebooks

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Not only watches and the Alps.

Switzerland is visited annually by millions of tourists. But visitors rarely encounter unusual laws and aspects of life that local people see.

Everyone knows about Swiss watches, chocolate, and ski resorts. However, there are many facts about this amazing country that are not widely known.

For example:

1. The right to medical error.

In Switzerland, doctors have the full right to make a mistake: they are exempt from liability for a wrong diagnosis or incorrect treatment.

2. Mandatory military service.

Neutral Switzerland has never participated in wars, but all men under the age of 55 are required to undergo military service. However, the service lasts only 3 weeks and is paid by the employer.

3. The best railroad

Although Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world, railway communication is very common. Trains run around the clock every 15 minutes in any direction, and each village can be reached by rail. Therefore, everyone drives on the trains: farmers, workers, directors of large companies, bankers … Cars are much less popular!

4. Legal euthanasia

Due to the fact that Switzerland has legalized euthanasia long ago, so-called “suicidal tourism” has developed here. Terminally ill people come from all over the world to legally settle accounts with life. Euthanasia is carried out after consulting a doctor and costs about $4000.

5. Kids on a leash

If you take small children for a walk in the mountains, Swiss law requires that you keep them on a leash! This rule may seem mocking, but in fact, it saved many lives on steep alpine slopes.

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