13 pools, which are very nice to even just look at, even on a photo

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The most beautiful moment of vacation — the first swimming in the pool!

This list of incredible natural and artificial pools will help you plan your dream vacation, which you will remember all your life.

From chic Mexican lagoons to utopian pools on the roofs of Singapore’s skyscrapers — in our selection, there is a place for all the most interesting places for swimming.

Choose wisely:

1. Queens Bath, Kauai Island, Hawaii.

This is a unique reservoir filled with tide. The Queen’s Bath is a karst funnel surrounded by volcanic rocks. Fish and small sea creatures live at the bottom.

2. Bahmah, Wadi Shab, Oman

The so-called Bimma well in Oman is also a karst funnel filled with clear turquoise water. The dimensions of the well are only 50 by 70 meters, and the depth is up to 20 meters. In Arabic, the well is called “Khavayat Najm”, which means “Shooting Star”: according to legend, the funnel was formed by a meteorite.

3. Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bali

This chic Indonesian hotel boasts one of the world’s finest pools. The resort, built by the famous architectural firm WOHA from Singapore, is perfectly integrated into the environment, and the 50-meter swimming pool is located on the edge of a cliff, offering a unique view.

4. Aquaria Grande, Mumbai

This is probably the most luxurious apartment in all of India. The residential complex Aquaria Grande consists of two 37-storey towers with pools, located directly on the transparent balconies. The complex acts as a hotel with all the amenities, so that you can rent a room!

5. Anantara Golden Triangle, Thailand

The five-star resort, combined with an elephant nature reserve, is located on a cliff in northern Thailand overlooking neighboring Myanmar and Laos. And this view opens right from the pool, from which you just do not want to get out — except for the sake of elephants!

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