12 awesome series for those who are tired of watching two hundred episodes in a row

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Sometimes you want so much to distract from the pressing concerns and immerse yourself in the fascinating plot of the epicness. But there is simply no time for series of several seasons. Then come to the aid of the story, “fit” just a couple of episodes, but no less fascinating and colorful.

1Fuzz.com has prepared a fresh batch of short TV shows, most of which can be viewed not only during the weekend, but even in one evening.

The Miniaturist

Amsterdam, XVII century. Young Nella gets married and moves into her husband’s house. As a wedding gift, she receives a dollhouse–an exact copy of their house–and, in order to furnish it, makes an order from a miniaturist. However, the master, whom she had never met, begins to send her too realistic furniture, as well as mini-copies of all the inhabitants of the house. At first, Nella is only surprised, but the surprise is quickly replaced by anxiety, and she begins to think that the dollhouse is living its own, frightening life.

IMDb — 7.4

© The Miniaturist / BBC One

The Pacific

The basis for the creation of the series were the memories of the soldiers who took part in the battles in the Pacific. The plot is centered around three marines from different regiments–Robert Lecky, Eugene Sledge, and John Basilone. The eyes of ordinary soldiers, as well as their friends, relatives and lovers show the events of the Second World War, forever included in history.

IMDb rating — 8.3

© The Pacific / HBO

Beau Séjour

One day, a teenage girl Kato wakes up in a room at the Beau Séjour hotel, covered in blood. She does not remember what happened, but soon she realizes that nobody sees or hears her. Kato realizes that she was killed, and she has no choice but to find out who did it. But the closer the truth, the more shocking it is.

IMDb rating — 7.8

© Beau Séjour / deMENSEN

Next of Kin

Mona Shirani lives in London and for several years now she has been happily married to the talented politician Guy Harcourt. Suddenly, the idyll collapses: Mona’s brother is killed, and after this the secrets that have been kept close to him begin to reveal. It soon becomes clear that Mona’s family happiness is built on lies and betrayal.

IMDb rating — 6.2

© Next of Kin / ITV Hub


Berlin, XIX century. In the famous clinic “Charite” there are doctors who are destined to become luminaries of European medicine. They not only fight for the lives of patients in extremely cramped conditions, but also make scientific discoveries. And although the series focuses on medicine, the personal ambitions of heroes and their romantic experiences do not fade into the background.

IMDb rating — 7.6

© Charité / MIA FILM

This Close

Kate and Michael are best friends, and both are deaf. Life in Los Angeles throws them the same challenges, only Michael is experiencing a painful break, and Kate has got engaged recently, although he doesn’t dare to tell his friend about it. Drama and comedy in one bottle with full silence of the main characters.

IMDb rating — 7.3

© This Close / Super Deluxe

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

The series in the western genre combines 6 short stories that are not related to each other in a plot. They only have a common place of action–the Wild West. There, in remote towns, among prairies and high plains, only one rule reigns: “The strongest survives.”

IMDb rating — 7.4

© The Ballad of Buster Scruggs / Annapurna Pictures


Emma Banville is a lawyer and advocate for human rights. When examining old papers, she discovers a mistake in a once sensational case. After studying the documents, Emma begins to suspect that 14 years ago an innocent man was convicted of murdering a schoolgirl. The police and security services refuse to admit their mistake, and Emma has no choice but to challenge them.

IMDb rating — 7.6

© Fearless / Mammoth Screen

Secret City

Correspondent Harriet Dunkley is involved in a political dispute between China and the United States and, in addition, investigates the old mysterious case of contract killings. During the investigation, she manages to uncover several large conspiracies in Canberra–the capital of Australia. Dunkley is going to announce what is happening around the world.

IMDb rating — 7.4

© Secret City / Foxtel Productions

Angels in America

In this mini-series are connected the fate of very different people: a pair of lovers, one of whom has AIDS; the wives of Mormon, the host of Valium, to escape from real life; Mormon himself, who is trying to suppress his attachments that are incompatible with religious beliefs; a successful lawyer who finds out he is about to die. Their visions and fantasies are intertwined into a single whole, and in the end, everyone is aware: there are no more angels in America.

IMDb rating — 8.3

© Angels in America / HBO

Howards End

The action takes place in England at the beginning of XX century. The classic British family Wilcox accidentally meets the two Schlegels sisters. Helen brings along a young but already bankrupt bank clerk. Margaret makes a strong friendship with the head of the family–an elderly Mrs. Wilcox. When Mrs. Wilcox is about to die, family members suddenly discover that the whole inheritance will go to … Margaret. How could this happen? Relatives decide to figure out what’s what.

IMDb rating — 7.3

© Howards End / BBC One


Biopic about the writer who gave the world the famous spy – James Bond. London, 40s. Ian Fleming – a charming man and a favorite of women, who nevertheless is forced to live in the shadow of a strict mother. Jan wants to be the best in everything, but he will have a boring job in an office. The Second World War begins, and the hero gets the opportunity to demonstrate his talents in the service of the Naval Intelligence Directorate.

IMDb rating — 7.3

© Fleming / BBC America

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