10 TV series that are very similar to the ‘Game of Thrones’

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Today, the viewer refuses to watch a story in a two-hour format, where the characters quickly pass all their trials and speak the dialogues. Now, in favorites is when the narrative is long and thorough, where intrigue increases series after series, characters are plentiful, plot twists are unpredictable, and special effects are large-scale and colorful.

The most popular action called “Game of Thrones” is completed. But don’t be in a hurry to get upset. There are many series with a similar theme. Here are the top ten, which definitely will not disappoint the sophisticated viewer.

1. Vikings (2013-…) — 6 seasons

Throughout the ages, and in all lands, there were heroes, and the people wrote legends, traditions, sagas about them … The Scandinavian epic brought tales of desperate and strong Viking warriors to our days.

One of the legendary representatives of this glorious tribe, Ragnar Lodbrok, decides to try his luck in foreign lands, equips a ship and goes to Anglo-Saxon Britain. The hike is very successful, and the hero returns to his native land with loot. Part of the loot has to be shared with the local ruler, who, however, will soon fall from the hand of Ragnar. The main character tries on the title of jarl.

Now he is waiting for great things, beautiful ladies, dangerous enemies, great victories and … Paris.

2. Taboo (2017-…) — 2 seasons

London, early 19th century. The East India Company continues to expand its sphere of influence. This time the attention of society attracted a small piece of land. The territory of Nootka Bay is a very tasty morsel, as it allows its owner to organize a monopoly in trade operations with China.

The landlord, Mr. Horatio Delaney, is dying, and his daughter is very willing, of course for a tidy sum, ready to cede the company to the gulf. Suddenly appearing at the funeral of Horatio, his son James confuses all the cards. For the last 10 years he has been disappearing in Africa, and no one has ever hoped to see him alive. However, the young man was not only quite healthy, but also well aware of the value of the land, which he was bequeathed to him by his father.

James fearlessly clashes with the East India Company.

3. The Last Kingdom (2015-…) — 3 seasons

In the courtyard of the ninth century. Anglo-Saxon lands are divided into separate kingdoms and become easy prey for the Viking army. Another Danish raid on the Anglo-Saxon settlement ends with the complete extermination of its inhabitants. Only Utred remains alive. The boy’s audacity and courage fell in love with the leader of the Vikings, Jarl Ragnar, and he decided to save his life and take him to his family.

Time passes, the young man grows into a brave and fearless man. But restless and in the camp of the Vikings. Utred becomes a witness to the massacre of the family of his adoptive father. Ragnar is betrayed and killed by his own tribe.

In the heart of the protagonist, a fire of vengeance flared up, but first of all, he would have to make a difficult choice: after all, by birth, he is a representative of the Anglo-Saxon nobility, and in spirit the rebel and the impudent Viking.

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