10 stunning facts about Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is a country of controversy. Being an ally of most Western states, it has a shocking reputation as a country that violates human rights, especially with regard to the treatment of women.

But even considering how much you have heard about this country, there is a lot that you don’t know for sure!

1. Lack of executioners

The death penalty is a very common occurrence in Saudi Arabia. Here people are killed for adultery and rejection of Islam. Most executions are carried out by cutting off the head. But recently, the state began to consider alternative methods due to the catastrophic shortage of executioners.

2. Problems with lingerie stores

Women in Saudi Arabia are generally prohibited from working. This means that for decades men served women in lingerie stores, and this, of course, was embarrassing. Women activists made great efforts to change this order of things, and in 2012 a decree was passed prohibiting men from working in lingerie stores.

3. “Magical” police

In Saudi Arabia, it is forbidden by law to practice any form of witchcraft or magic. A special police unit has been set up to catch witches. Practitioners of magic can go to jail for a long time and even be beheaded.

4. Buying Innocence

Diya is usually translated as “bloody money.” This system allows criminals to compensate the families of their victims for losses in financial terms and thus avoid prison. The system works even in the case of murder. For example, the deliberate murder of a man now “will cost” $106,000, while washing the blood of a woman “is” twice as cheap.

5. Sidewalk riding

“Sidewalk Skiing” is riding on public roads in a car overturned on two wheels on one side. It goes under the slope, while the driver gets out and gets to the highest point of the vehicle. Such entertainment is very popular in Saudi Arabia.

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