10 romantic tiny European towns that are literally made for two

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He, she and the city where the magic lives. When it comes to tiny European cities that flourish away from the great capitals, we can say that they are not only beautiful but also romantic. Life there is slower, they are not so crowded with tourists, and you can visit all the attractions that are there, without undue stress, says TripSavvy.

Here are the most romantic tiny cities in Europe that can be visited together with a loved one:

1. Nafplion, Greece.

Although Nafplion is located on the Peloponnesian Islands on the Aegean Sea, this tiny city is not at all like the Greek cities. This is because for two centuries he was captured and held by the Venetians. Therefore, its architecture and colors resemble the most romantic city in Italy.

Other countries have also added their touches to the unique appeal of this picturesque place. In 1915, after the Greek War of Independence, the Turks seized Nafplion and made it their first capital.

From the embankment, you can see the ancient island castle of Bourzi, which seems to float in the middle of the turquoise sea. Tourists are attracted to street cafes on the main square, where you can relax. As for souvenirs, you will find a large selection of rosaries, flavored honey and olive oil, as well as excellent textiles. Coarse silk scarves and ties are especially irresistible.

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2. Kilkenny, Ireland.

The picturesque bridge over the easy river Nor; historic streets framed by rows of medieval buildings; and the historic castle within walking distance of the city center are key ingredients that make Kilkenny one of the most beautiful and romantic tiny cities in Europe.

If you have Irish ancestors, you can learn more about them in the 17th-century Rothe House complex, which houses a genealogical research center with more than 200,000 parishes in family history and civil documentation. There is also a museum and a garden where a flock of flightless ducks lives.

Extra bonus: Kilkenny is just 136 kilometers southwest of Dublin, and several trains leave for the city every day, passing through the legendary (and truly) emerald landscapes of Ireland.

Eter Zoeller / Дизайн фото / Getty

3. Bruges, Belgium.

The most romantic place in Belgium, Bruges has a reservoir known as the Lake of Love. Although this tiny city attracts many tourists, do not lose the pleasure of seeing this beauty. In September, a crowd of tourists thins, and you can walk through the cobbled streets, ride a boat through narrow channels or even make a trip on horseback.

Bruges dates back to 1245, and the monastery, which was built in those times, is still inhabited by sisters who sing in a tiny chapel. You will see the medieval architecture of the city, which is in good condition.

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