On July 10, Nikola Tesla was born. Here are 10 of his most famous inventions

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Genius, ahead of time.

On July 10, 1856 in the city of Smilyane (Austrian Empire, now Croatia) Nikola Tesla was born — a scientist and inventor who in many ways created the world as we know it.

Nikola Tesla was a man of a thousand ideas — he received more than 300 patents!

He was far ahead of his time, so many of his theories, unfortunately, did not find a physical embodiment. Despite the fact that Tesla did not receive recognition from his main rival, Thomas Edison, his undeniable talent brought truly useful inventions to humanity.

Here are the greatest inventions of Nikola Tesla:

1. Tesla coil.

Tesla’s coil (it is — Tesla’s transformer) was invented in 1891. It consisted of primary and secondary coils, each of which had its own capacitor for energy storage. Between the coils there was a spark gap in which a discharge of electricity was generated, capable of being transformed into arcs, passing through a body and creating a region of charged electrons.

Tesla was obsessed with the dream of wireless urban electrification, which was the impetus for the invention of this mechanism. Nowadays, the Tesla coil is most often used to entertain and popularize science — it can be seen in expositions of natural science museums around the world. However, the importance of this invention lies in the fact that the key was found to understand the nature of electricity and the possibility of its use.

2. Amplifying transmitter.

Developing the idea of ​​wireless power transmission, Tesla decided that it was best to do it at high altitudes. That is why, using the financial assistance of patrons, he created a laboratory in the mountains of Colorado Springs in 1899. There he built his largest and most powerful Tesla coil, which he called the “amplifying transmitter”.

The transmitter consisted of three coils and was almost 16 meters in diameter. He generated millions of volts of electricity and created lightning beams up to 40 meters long. At that time it was the most powerful lightning, created artificially.

The amplifying transmitter was a prototype of the Tesla tower, or Vordenklif tower, which, according to its creator, was supposed to provide the world with free electricity and communication. Tesla began work on the project in 1901, but after funding had ceased, he curtailed his research, and in 1915 the site was put up for auction.

3. Tesla turbine.

At the beginning of the 20th century, at the dawn of the era of reciprocating internal combustion engines, Tesla created his own turbine, which could compete with an internal combustion engine (ICE). There were no blades in the turbine, and the fuel burned out of the chamber, rotating smooth discs. It was their rotation that gave the engine work.

In 1900, when Tesla tested its engine, the fuel consumption efficiency was 60% (by the way, with current technologies this figure does not exceed 42% of the conversion of fuel into energy). Despite the unconditional success of the invention, it did not stick: the business was focused on reciprocating ICE, which even now, after more than 100 years, remain the main driving force of cars.

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