10 famous actors to play in future Marvel films

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In 2019, with the movie “Avengers: Endgame”, the Marvel cinematic universe completed its so-called “third phase”, and now we have the right to wait for new grandiose plans from the studio already in the fourth phase, where there will be no films about the Avengers, but there will be many other things, namely 11 films, 4 series, and 1 cartoon series.

Among them are a new film about Doctor Strange (with Cumberbatch), a solo film about Loki (with Hiddleston), and these are beautiful, but still not new characters and not new actors that we see in the unusual atmosphere of superhero movies based on comics.

We are interested in those actors who are just preparing for a role in this kind of films–some of them even didn’t stand next to the movie comics, so until the fourth phase has come, we have some time to fantasize how the following stars will look in the upcoming films of Marvel Universe.

Marvel Studios has published a schedule for its “Phase Four” Until 2022

via Time.com

There are solemn returns, and promising new items. We want to show you those star actors who will first appear in this film universe. Here they are!

1. Rachel Weisz — The Iron Maiden (Black Widow, May 1, 2020)

Side: Evil.

What kind of character: real name — Melina Vostokoff. He is the enemy of the Black Widow, and in a solo film about Natasha Romanova will be in every way villainous.

2. Angelina Jolie — Tena (Eternals, November 6, 2020)

Side: Good.

What kind of character: warrior. Was the main Eternal, but gave her title to Icaris. Tried to leave his superhero life and settle on Earth as a normal person. She has immortality, emits energy from her eyes and hands.

3. Natalie Portman — Thor (Thor: Love and Thunder, November 1, 2021)

Side: Good.

What kind of character: Apparently, Jane Foster, played by Natalie in the first two films about Thor (after which the actress refused to shoot in the sequel), will herself take the hammer and become a superheroine.

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