10 active volcanoes that can be seen (if you dare)

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Beautiful and awesome.

Despite the fact that active volcanoes are scary and dangerous, they are very popular with tourists. Yes, this is a risk, but what can be compared with the bubbling streams of fiery lava and a cone smoking like a locomotive?

Thousands of years ago, active volcanoes covered the entire surface of the Earth, but now there are not so many active volcanoes left. Which ones are worth a visit?

10. Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia

This active volcano is very popular, and all because its crater is pretty easy to look at, because it is quite low — 2392 meters above sea level. Bromo shows constant activity over the past 20 years, there was a major eruption in 2015.

9. Piton De La Fournaise, Reunion, France

Piton de la Fournaise volcano is the main attraction of the island of Reunion and one of the most active volcanoes on the planet. It spews bright lava flows several times a year, and occupies about a third of the entire area of Reunion Island.

Until 2007, guests could even explore the outer ranges of the main crater, known as Dolomier. Since then, this area has collapsed, but there is an opportunity to explore such routes as Enclos Fouqué, which is the heart of the volcano.

8. Kilauea, Hawaii

On the territory of the Hawaiian Islands is the most active volcano. It is believed that it was formed almost 280,000 years ago.

Kilauea continuously erupted from about 1983 to 2018. An amazing sight is the lake of lava Puuoo, which is located in the crater. Molten rocks restlessly seethe, creating amazing divorces on the surface. Being close to this natural phenomenon is dangerous, because the fiery lava rushes to a height of 500 meters. Despite this, the volcano constantly attracts curious tourists.

7. Mount Etna, Sicily, Italy

Mount Etna is an unusual tourist attraction in Italy. This is a stratovolcano and one of the highest peaks in Italy. After each eruption, the height increases slightly. It even has a snow cap. The volcano has 4 central cones and about 400 side.

6. Mount Stromboli, Aeolian Islands, Italy

This active volcano is a neighbor of three other active volcanoes on the island of Stromboli in northern Italy. Stromboli volcano remains active for 20 thousand years.

A volcano on the island of Stromboli was originally underwater. When it appeared above the surface of the sea, it repeatedly fell into scholarly works, the lines in Homer’s Odyssey are devoted to it.

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